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Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Conference 1

Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam

Monday, February 19th, 2024

Training Objectives: pediatric cardiology topics

Conference 2

S.I.S. Hospital, Can Tho, Vietnam

Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Training Objectives: pediatric cardiology and stroke topics

Healing Hearts Vietnam is dedicated to forging a sustainable framework for health care that fosters ongoing and enduring success in medical outcomes, irrespective of our physical presence within the country. An integral facet of this endeavor revolves around the continued emphasis on medical education delivered through lectures and training.

In February of 2024, we are thrilled to announce our return to Vietnam, where we will actively participate in two significant medical education conferences. These conferences serve as a vibrant platform for an exchange of knowledge, propelling a two-way flow of learning between our dedicated healthcare professionals at home and our esteemed counterparts in Vietnam.

We invite you to peruse the list of our honorable guest lecturers below, which includes information about their backgrounds and anticipated lecture topics. This same team will also have the privilege of attending lectures given by our esteemed Vietnamese colleagues, and we are eagerly awaiting details regarding their lecturers and topics. We are proud to partner with these groups to advance health care education and practice around the world.

Dr. Michael A McCulloch, MD

- Associate professor and pediatric cardiologist

- University of Virginia

- Lecture: Pediatric heart failure and pulmonary hypertension

Dr. Michael Shorofsky, MD

- Pediatric cardiologist

- University of Virginia

- Lecture: Pediatric interventional cardiology

Dr. Michael P Ayers, MD

- Assistant professor and sports cardiologist

- University of Virginia

- Lecture: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and lipidology

Dr. Sarah K Wendel, MD, MBA

- Assistant professor and associate medical director

- Emergency medicine physician

- University of Virginia

- Lecture: Emergency medicine

Dr. Chad A Hoyt, MD

- Associate professor and advanced imaging cardiologist

- University of Virginia

- Lecture: Healing Hearts Vietnam

Dr. Ourania Preventza, MD, MBA

- Chief of cardiothoracic surgery

- University of Virginia

- Lecture: Aortic disease

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