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For more than a decade, our founders and other volunteers have worked hard to build relationships with Vietnamese colleagues. These have included Vietnamese politicians, hospitals, physicians, and support personnel. These trusted relationships have allowed us to have great confidence in the surgeries being performed and the sustainability of the surgery program for years to come.

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Skills Training

Dr. Forsberg, Dr. Hoyt, and other health care professionals have provided lectures and workshops for the medical staff members at our Vietnamese partner hospitals. Example topics include airway management and advanced cardiac imaging procedures. They have served as guest lecturers at international medical conferences in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, Vietnam.


Our physician volunteers visit hospitals, observe procedures, and review quality data to assure the surgeries performed are of excellent quality.


Medical Clinics


Along with our partner hospital medical personnel, we plan and participate in health screening clinics for school children and community members.

Our physicians and other volunteers come alongside Vietnamese partners to provide medical care to underserved regions. Such clinics have been held on the Mekong Delta and Binh Dinh Provence (Central Vietnam). Medical screening and portable cardiac ultrasound have been utilized to identify many patients in need of life-saving surgery.

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Sponsor Surgeries


We save lives by sponsoring cardiac surgeries for needy Vietnamese families.100% of all donations designated for surgeries are used for that purpose: 80%+ of funds sponsor surgeries for children (under 18 yrs of age) with up to 20% used to sponsor adult surgeries.

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Patient Visitation


We perform in-hospital and in-home patient visitation. Visitations by the founders and friends of Healing Hearts Vietnam helps to ensure/confirm the delivery of effective health care to our patients and the creation of a bond, which lasts a lifetime.

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