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Serendipity or divine intervention?

One day, Quynh Anh  begged her mother to take her for a visit to their local primary school in the Can Tho region, as she had seen many other children attend who always seemed to be laughing and having fun. When Quynh Anh visited, SIS— a partner hospital of Healing Hearts Vietnam— was conducting heart screenings. While Quynh Anh was too young to attend the school, she was allowed to participate in the cardiac screening clinic during her visit. 

What began as a fun outing, resulted in a life altering discovery for Quynh Anh and her family. Through the screenings at Quynh Anh's impromptu visit, she was diagnosed with a secondary atrial septal defect, a condition that causes blood to flow in the wrong direction in the heart, making the right side bigger than the left. 

Quynh Anh comes from a family of farmers who did not have the necessary resources to pay for treatment. However, thanks to the partnership and support of both SIS and Healing Hearts Vietnam, she was able to receive a much needed surgery. 

At just six years old, Quynh Anh’s heart condition has been treated, improving her quality of life long-term. While she still suffers from minor health issues, these are being closely monitored by the hospital. Quynh Anh is now back at home, feeling safe, happy, and hopeful for the future. 

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