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meet NGHI

This is Gia Nghi. She lives with her parents, her sister and her grandmother. 

One night, Nghi woke up with a terrible headache. At first, her mum did not imagine it could be anything serious, so she told Nghi to go back to sleep. But then Nghi started to get worse. Nghi’s mother called for her husband and, together, they took Nghi to the city’s children’s hospital. After examining Nghi, the doctors found that she had suffered a brain haemorrhage and decided they urgently needed to perform surgery on Nghi’s brain.

Now, the doctors are amazed at how quickly Nghi is recovering. She is in physical therapy to strengthen the side of her body which was damaged by the haemorrhage, and she still struggles to speak, however her parents say that she tries her hardest to reply when people speak to her. Nghi can’t wait to be allowed to go back to school, and her parents are so grateful for the crucial treatment which saved their daughter’s life.

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