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Sponsoring a Surgery: A to Z

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

At our organization, we prioritize the highest standard of care when it comes to performing surgeries, ensuring quality through a comprehensive approach. Over the years, we have built strong and reliable hospital system partnerships, drawing on more than a decade of experience throughout the country. Leveraging our current partnerships, we continuously seek new collaborations to expand our reach and impact.

Our commitment to excellence is further strengthened by the wealth of intellectual health care capital contributed by our team members, who have established valuable contacts through hosting clinics and lecturing in Vietnam. Additionally, we have established Memorandums of Understanding with both for-profit and government-run hospitals, solidifying our dedication to upholding quality across all healthcare sectors.

What sets our surgical team apart is their unwavering dedication to their craft. They spend a considerable amount of time performing surgeries, surpassing the caseload of many surgeons in the United States, ultimately resulting in enhanced skill and expertise. Personal experiences of witnessing and participating in some of these surgeries have left a lasting impression on our team members, who often describe these exceptional surgeons as "rock stars," as aptly coined by Dr. Hoyt.

In summary, our approach to ensuring the quality of our surgeries is multifaceted, combining experienced hospital system partnerships, valuable intellectual capital, proficient surgeons, and a commitment to innovation. We are continuously striving to enhance patient outcomes and further our mission of seeing all Vietnamese children and their families receive life-saving cardiovascular surgery.

Ensuring comprehensive care and support for our patients is a paramount aspect of our mission. When our HHV team is in Vietnam, we make it a point to visit the families of the patients who have undergone surgery. Emphasizing the biopsychosocial model of health, we understand the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, and social factors in the healing process.

Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, we endeavor to visit patients after their surgeries, aiming for a holistic check-in to assess their general wellness and any post-surgery symptoms. We are very fortunate to have a designated Director of Patient Care leading the in-hospital visit program and many others assisting with home visits. Although not always feasible in rural or underserved areas, we are committed to making sincere efforts to re-connect with patients and their families afterwards. During these visits, we also inquire about any specific needs the families might have, seeking to provide assistance ourselves or collaborating with local community organizations and partners to fulfill those requirements.

Our primary goal is to encourage patients and their families on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Our team members have been met with overwhelming joy and gratitude during these interactions, reinforcing the importance of our patient-centric approach.

Recognizing the significance of this aspect of our process, we continuously work to improve and expand our patient check-in initiatives. By focusing on enhancing the post-surgery care and support, we aim to foster a lasting impact on the well-being and recovery of our patients, solidifying our commitment to excellence in healthcare provision.

Holistic Wellness Visits:

To date, HHV has sponsored over 460 life-saving cardiovascular surgeries, but the need still remains! Please consider contributing, and as always, thanks for tuning in!



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