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Annalise Hoyt
Co-Digital Content Manager

Annalise, originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, is in the process of completing her undergraduate degree in Health in Social Science, at the University of Edinburgh. During Annalise’s time at University, she has volunteered in charities for individuals with special needs, she serves as student representative for her university course, and she works as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA). Annalise has joined the HHV trip on one previous occasion, as their designated photographer and social media manager. She enjoyed helping to curate patient stories and raise awareness for the need in Vietnam. She is excited to pursue this further through her role as Digital Content Manager, and she hopes to return to Vietnam soon, with a more in depth understanding of global health disparities, thanks to her studies at university. Her advanced training in Health in Social Science has given her the tools to evaluate health, illness, and cross-cultural care—with an emphasis on global disease patterns. This background will better enable her to contribute to the patient selection process when interviewing and identifying possible candidates for surgery in Vietnam. Annalise’s extracurricular interests include travel, photography, and time spent with family and friends.

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